Swarm Removal - How to contact us

If you see a swarm of honey bees in your garden or in a public area, 

and would like to have it removed, then contact your nearest swarm collector.

Call Chris on ‭07841 291449


Email: MBKA Swarm Liaison

Before you contact the swarm liaison.   It would be helpful to consider the following questions, this will help the beekeeper to decide on the course of action.  Don't forget to add your telephone number so that they can contact you directly.

To the best of your knowledge, how long have the bees been in their current position?   How big is the swarm (tennis ball, rugby ball, etc)?

Are they honey bees?   If you aren't sure, make a note of the colour, and behaviour of the bees so that the beekeeper can make their own assessment.  The best thing to do is to take a photo on your phone and send it to the beekeeper.


Where is the swarm?      Are they accessible?  Are they in a tree, in a shed, etc?  If in a tree, how far off the ground are they?  Will the beekeeper need a ladder?  Will the beekeeper need to climb over any fences or walls?

Will the beekeeper be able to find them?     Can you describe where they are, and will someone be there when the beekeeper arrives?
After considering the above, please contact by email MBKA Swarm Liaison
or call Chris on ‭07841 291449‬